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Payment Instructions


Please Pay your Community Membership (+Co-op and/or Hybrid Registration if applicable) Immediately to avoid delays!


Community Membership- $75 includes your entire family to participate in fields trips, events, and clubs. Everyone must be a Community Member to join the Co-op or Hybrid Programs.

Co-op Membership Registration - $35 covers 1 child. If you have additional children, please add them for $10 per child. After your registration has been approved, you will receive an invoice for $425 which Is your annual family tuition. That invoice is due by Aug 1st, 2024, or upon registration which ever is later.

Hybrid Membership Registration – $175 registration is per child per year. Please select how many children you are registering. After your registration has been approved, you may register your student(s) for classes. Please remember to register for every hour your student(s) will be on campus. Based on your child(ren) schedule, your supply fee's will be invoiced immediately and your monthly tuition will be calculated and invoiced monthly after all of your students’ classes have been selected.

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